Dear God-why him?

Matthew Mark Wesolowski
12/28/92 ♥ 2/14/10

Dear God,
I know I ask you this question everyday...sometimes more than once a day.
Why? Why him, why Jodie, why anyone?
Did you not see all the suffering he endured when he was diagnosed with Crohn's?
Did you not see how he struggled to be normal?
Did you not see that that since Sept 09 that he was trying to fight the super infection?
Did you not see that just weeks before the crash he had two surgeries?
Did you not see that all he  wanted was to feel well, to be normal, to live life, to be happy?
Did you not see what we all went through  to bring him into this world..because if you had seen all of this..couldn't you have spared him or us?
I guess not! Our lives are turned upside down, the pain at times is almost unbearable..but I am expected to believe all things happen for a reason,
I am expected to believe that he is in a better place...well wouldn't that better place be with his Mom and Dad??
I know I have to accept this, I know I have to go on...but I never thought I would have to live this life without him!
Matty we love you so much..I have to trust that you are safe and in God's hands and one day we will be reunited!
Until then life is so empty without you!!
Heartbroken day after day...
Mom ♥ Dad